"Love it, IT HAS TO HAPPEN NOW is where my love for your sounds began."

Hi Rosie V Empress!

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#1 for Soul in Sweden

"IT HAS TO HAPPEN NOW What a good tune."

"Much respect and admiration. Its a blessing to hear something like this when one starts to think: are we really inspired enough these days?"

"hey your tune IT HAS TO HAPPEN NOW is the song of my day today,
I've been listening to it since the early morning.
isn't it wonderful?! need I say more... just love it"


Can't get enough of IT HAS TO HAPPEN NOW. Love It and will be replayed many many times in my list of favourites!!!!!!

“what album is your track IT HAS TO HAPPEN NOW on? i'd like to purchase it.”

Rosie V  Empress

Rosie V Empress has released a new album,  it is piano only and it's improvisation. 

"In this instrumental piano album, each composition unfolds like a delicate story, weaving through the senses with titles such as 'Floral Curtain,' 'Watering Pot,' 'Window View,' and 'Summer Breeze.' 

As the pianist, I found inspiration in the simple act of playing, transporting myself to a world where opening a window invites the fragrant scents of nature to dance through the air. 

Each note is a brushstroke, painting vivid scenes in the mind's eye, capturing the essence of a serene garden or the gentle touch of a summer breeze. 

"Join me on this musical journey, where every title is a doorway to a realm of imagination and emotion." the album "Momentum Is Now" is available on streaming services. 


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